Alarm & Sensor Equipment

Through exclusive relationships we are able to supply a number of systems and equipment items that assist technicians to understand or operate with alarm systems and sensors.

Alarm systems & Sensors

Kri-Tech has long established relationships with alarm system and sensor suppliers and are able to gain significant discounts which we pass on to our clients. We can provide the whole range of systems from Double Pole, End of Line Resistor or Digital and/or Biscuit systems as well as a huge array of sensors including the latest innovations in point and volumetric sensing.

360 PIR
Mag Safe Switch

Ultrasonics Detector

A bat detector that will also detect ultrasonics emitted from sensors found in commercial alarm systems and vehicle alarms. This detector will detect ultrasonics being emitted from a sensor from a range of 0.1-5m dependant on a number of factors. The detector will give an audible indication when ultrasonics have been detected including a variable pitch to indicate any frequency shifts

Bat Detector

Digi Probe

A probe that can be used to identify a digital signal on a wire

Digi Probe

EOL Buster

A 'black box' kit that assists technicians with EOL sensors. The kit comes with enough boxes to work with five sensors using the same 'Buster Box'.

End of Line Resistor substitution

Cover and Tunnel

Specialist equipment that allows technicians to operate with Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors.

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