Products that raise capability

Kri-Tech designs, manufactures or selects products from across markets with the operational end user in mind. Each product is made or selected because it will raise or enhance a capability to assist crisis teams in resolving crisis sooner. In an ever changing technical fight Kri-Tech products give you an edge.

Wire Attack Kit

A kit containing all you need to tap onto wires and diagnose them using a multimeter.

Wire Taps

Small and large insulation piercing probes.

Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit

The Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit. Diagnose wire in confined spaces.

Wire Bypass and Clamp Kit

Wire Bypass and Clamp Kit. Connect and clamp onto hidden conductors.

Wire Diagnostics Kit

A kit that contains all you need for diagnostics.

1st Line IEDD Toolkit

A 1st line kit enabling operations to start immediately.

Manual IEDD Toolkit

A manual kit that has been designed in collaboration with the EDA.

Ceramic Knife

A pure ceramic safety knife.

Wire Diagnostics

A pure ceramic scalpel and spare blades.

Ceramic Tweezers

Tweezers with pure ceramic tips.

Wireless Videoscope

A wireless Videoscope that fulfills capability with a cost that enables everyone to have one

Thermal Imager

Passively identify objects with differing heat signatures.

Ultrasonic Detector

An ultrasonics detector that will indicate the presence of ultrasonics

EOL Buster

Resistance replication when you want it.

Sensor Bypass

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SimDet Detonator Simulator

A detonator simulator for EOD/IEDD training

Det Sleeve

For containing the effects of an inadvertent detonator initiation

Hook & Line

Lightweight hook & Line reels and kits

Dremel Router Base

Precision router base outperforming OEM versions

Ceramic Tweezer Tips

Replacement tips for tweezers

Ceramic Pliers

Non conductive and anti magnetic

Ceramic Bent Nose Pliers

Non conductive and anti magnetic

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