SanSolo Products

Kri-Tech is an authorised distributor of SanSolo products. SanSolo is a company that mirrors our ethos of providing specialist products at great prices for those personnel on the front line of the global IED fight.


Considerable thought is invested in SanSolo products, with in-depth engineering design, use of good materials and trials until an operational product is obtained. Stringent finish with extensive manual work on each and every product make SanSolo's products high quality and unique.

Det Sleeves

Detonator protection sleeves have been developed and manufactured to protect operators from the effects of an inadvertent initiation either during an Render Safe Procedure (RSP), deployment of explosive charges or transport of bear detonators without RF protection.

Det Sleeve
Det Sleeves

Hook & Line Pulley Range

A range of hook and line pulleys and reels to assist operators in the neutralisation of IEDs. All are designed to be lightweight and deployable in a dismounted role.

Hook and Line Reels


A range of EOD/ IEDD kits designed for dismounted or SWAT type operations. Each contains a number of products specifically selected for the role.


Rapid Coils

The Rapid Coil is a thin, strong, double stranded electrical wire which is rolled up and compressed in a special way into a small container compared with the length of the wire. This is an alternative to the usual large firing cables and reels when space and weight are driving factors.

Rapid Coils

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