Kri-Tech's background in extreme crisis management, innovation, product development, successful marketing and sales enables us to offer a range of services to clients to assist them with turn key solutions, niche tasks or general consultancy

Exercise Planning and Scenario Delivery

To ensure that your crisis management response is capable of matching your threat it requires to be constantly exercised. This enable all concerned to remain current, credible and ready for tasking. It is expected that crisis management teams and organisations will carry out internal exercises to maintain current capability levels. It does however become difficult and draining to continually use internal assets along with the continual challenge of remaining impartial.

Exercise Planning

Trusted to deliver

Our experience has ensured that Kri-Tech have been trusted by a number of international clients to plan exercises and create scenarios that challenge teams players to the edge of their capabilities with an emphasis on generating initiative.


Developing scenario

Scenarios are created using freely available information relevant to the area of operations and then worked into a realistic master event list to replicate a heightened level of response activity. One of our drivers is to make the scenario develop over the period of the exercise to increase realism. This includes researching and providing relevant background information for scenario setting and the generation of credible intelligence products so that players receive information as they would for real. This engenders and exercises an investigative mind allowing players to identify links across the scenario and fine tune their threat assessment skills throughout the exercise.


Our staff have a wealth of experience of dealing with crisis situations and being innovative in their approach to achieve results. These skills have proved to be highly valuable within our own business and has secured our success for the future. We can apply these skills to your team or business area to give you an alternative impartial view or advice on some of the best practice seen throughout the world.


Business consultancy

We have unique knowledge of our specialist defence and law enforcement area, know how the user works and what they want and can assist companies with their product development and preparations for the market. Our personnel are experts in their own right and work tirelessly with clients to identify the right approach, the right outcomes and the right methods to achieve them to gain the required results.

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