Visual aids

Visual systems that assist technicians to gain as much external diagnostic information as possible to aid threat assessment.


A lightweight and robust wireless articulated video scope that offers a cost effective solution that matches an operators operational requirements when search confined spaces.

The wireless articulated Videoscope features a 5.5mm diameter CMOS camera chip located directly in the tip. The hand held scope probe can be separated from the screen unit and used remotely using wireless, or used directly connected to the screen unit as one solid unit. The screen unit offers a quality colour image of the inspection area, with the ability to easily capture images and video to an SD memory card. Illumination is provided by 4 LED lights also located directly in the tip, with an intensity control built into the hand held unit. The hand held unit features the ability to a articulate the camera tip 150 degrees in 2 directions, controlled by a dial on the hand piece. Additional features include a video output to a TV monitor and a USB connection to transfer files, or charge the battery.

Wireless Videoscope
Wireless Videoscope

Thermal Imager

A thermal imaging camera which has been selected in conjunction with users for its capabilities, appropriateness and cost. It enables point and shoot thermal diagnostic capabilities where it is needed most. The imager has a focus-free wide angle lens that offers a 45 degree viewing angle allowing it to capture larger areas from a shorter distance. It also has a built-in visual camera which can take digital images that can be used alongside thermal images as a reference point for easier point location.

Thermal Imager
Thermal Image

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