Wire Taps

The 'Wire Tap' is a purpose designed insulation piercing probe that allows you to rapidly tap onto a wire up to 24 gauge to take electronic diagnostic readings with a multimeter or electronics instrument. Available in two lengths, small (50mm) and long (160mm) with the long version being able to be extended further by the use of separate extension rods.

Wire Tap Varients


Designed and manufactured to be small and lightweight yet extremely strong to enable wires to be diagnosed with tight and confined spaces. To attach the wire tap to a wire just place the wire in the jaws of the tap and screw down the top which causes the seven needles to pierce the wire insulation and make a firm connection with the single or multi strand conductor inside. The top of the tap allows the connection of a 2mm test lead plug which can be supplied with a test lead and 4mm banana plug on the other end for a standard connection to test and measurement equipment.

Wire Tap - Small

The small 'Wire Tap' is 50mm long and has a 2mm socket in the top to accept a 2mm banana plug test lead. These taps are ideal when needing to diagnose multiple wires in a confined space.


Wire Taps - Large

The large 'Wire Tap' is 160mm long, to give some more reach. It can also be extended by joining WEPT extension rods, up to a maximum of 3 extensions. This makes the probe nearly a meter long, making the more difficult to reach wires diagnosable.


Extension Rods - WEPT

The extension rods are designed to extend the length of the large 'Wire Tap'. Up to 3 extensions can be used with a large 'Wire Tap'. The image shows WEPT with large Wire Taps.


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