Wire Diagnostics

Kri-Tech designs and sources products that assist technicians to diagnose wires in a multitude of circumstances. Focused on diagnosing wires quickly and efficiently without the need to expose any conductor core using insulation piercing techniques.

Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit - Updated !

A toolkit designed for rapid diagnostics of electronic circuit wires via a 10mm hole or gap. The kit consists of a tool that is used to deploy Wire Insulation Piercing Probes (WIPP) which attach themselves to a target wire and a tool that enables you to grab and control wires as well as cut them if required. This toolkit has just been refreshed with a new designed WIPP, grabber and cutter so that the system is capable of dealing with wires 0.5-4mm in diameter.

Wire Remote Insulation Piercing Tool
Wire Remote Cutter & Grabber Tool

Wire Taps

The 'Wire Tap' is a purpose designed insulation piercing probe that allows you to rapidly tap onto a wire up to 24 gauge to take electronic diagnostic readings with a multimeter or electronics instrument. Available in two lengths, small (50mm) and long (160mm) with the long version being able to be extended further by the use of separate extension rods.

Wire Tap Bed of Nails
Wire Tap
Wire Tap
Wire Tap
Wire Tap
Wire Tap

Wire Bypass & Clamp Kit - WBCK

A 'G Clamp' that is designed to clamp onto a conductor that may be on the underside of a container making it difficult to diagnose. The body of the clamp has a 2mm socket which accepts a 2mm banana plug and is compatible with the lead set provided with the Wire Taps and Wire Attack kits. The WBCK consists of 8 small and 4 large G Clamp variants.

G Clamp

Wire Attack Kit

A well thought out wire diagnostic kit containing a range of insulation piercing probes, including our own unique 'Wire Taps'.

Wire Attack Kit

Wire Diagnostic Toolkits

Bespoke wire diagnostic toolkits to suit a range of situations.

Wire Diagnostics Kit

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