Diagnosing and cutting wires in confined spaces

Our hugely popular WRAT has just had a major refresh


The system can now handle wires from 0.5-4mm with new probes, grabbers and cutters.

Ceramic pliers now available

Additional ceramic tools for when total non-conduction is a requirement

Ceramic Tools

SimDet available now


A detonator simulator for training IEDs that will remotely alarm and indicate to a receiver when it would initiate if it was a real detonator.



Trusted to deliver kritical solutions

During the extreme conditions of a crisis, where lives may be on the line, you need mission critical solutions that guarantee a rapid resolution, with the utmost reliability and safety to restore normality as soon as possible. Kri-Tech has the capability and vision to assist clients solve critical problems or improve the reliability or speed of a process. With experience in the civil and defence sectors, Kri-Tech has been trusted by a number of international organisations to deliver kritical solutions that are now on the front line of national IEDD crisis and contingency operation responses.

Wire Diagnostics

Wire Attack insulation piercing probes, wire taps, instruments and tools for diagnosing wires.


Manual IEDD Toolkits

Manual Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) toolkits ready for operations.

Ceramic Tools

Ceramic knives, scapels and tweezers that are perfect for non conductive and non magnetic requirements.


Alarm and sensors, access and training tools and equipment.

Exercise Scenarios

Creation and management of scenarios that challenge and educate your teams.


Management, business and product consultancy for SMEs and corporations.

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